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Welcome to Dean's World! This website is a forum for all of my various creative projects. As a writer, musician and artist, I come up with ideas that fall under many different categories of media. Some of them will hopefully make their way to publication, but others will make their way here. I am also always glad to receive feedback, so feel free to contact me through the address listed at the bottom of the page. Feel free to also visit any of my social media connections listed below and enjoy the site!

August 14, 2010

Dean's World 2.0

Welcome everyone to the new and improved Dean's World! Firstly, I apologize for being a lazy bastard and not getting this up years ago. I will not make excuses about it; I simply never did it. But no more. I have become a far different person than the one who put up the Angelfire site all those years ago, one with far more motivation; this site is another stepping stone on my path. I wish to share my creative visions with the world, and this is but one method of doing so; for now these will be limited to the categories of Songs, Poems, Demos and Artwork but I may add new sections in the future, as I also am developing two musicals, several short stories, two screenplays and writing a series of novels.

Anyone who visited the old site will recognize the two demo tracks as well as two songs, "Cold of Night" and "Gutless Romantic" (I am currently rewriting "Friendship's as Fragile as Glass and hope to post that soon.), however, there is a bevy of new content as well, and I have lots more that I am working on; I have a notebook full of songs and several sketches that I intend to finish in the near future. As for the stories, novels and musicals I am working on, I am unsure as of yet if I will post them here as they are meant for eventual publication and posting them here first could lead to difficulties when I go to publish them; however, some of the short stories will almost certainly be posted here as soon as I have revised them.

This will not be the final version of the website, however. This is being used as a stepping stone so that I can make a far better website. Over the next few months, I am going to start studying up on how to design graphical interfaces, which will require me to learn Javascript, PHP, how to host one's own site and how to use GIMP. Once I start getting the hang of these, I will begin tinkering with a brand new build. That being said, I have done my best to make this site look better than the old one and to make it more user-friendly, but if you have any questions or comments or any other need to contact me, please feel free to email me at Deansworld.Productions@gmail.com. I also would like to extend a special thanks to W3Schools and Notepad++; I couldn't have made this website without help from them. You can find links to both of them in the links section. Now, enough of my prattling! Go enjoy yourselves!