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Welcome to Dean's World! This website is a forum for all of my various creative projects. As a writer, musician and artist, I come up with ideas that fall under many different categories of media. Some of them will hopefully make their way to publication, but others will make their way here. I am also always glad to receive feedback, so feel free to contact me through the address listed at the bottom of the page. Feel free to also visit any of my social media connections listed below and enjoy the site!

September 21, 2010

Feeding Time

Alright, so I forgot to update for a month. Sue me. Anyway, I have a couple things that I hope to be able to upload very soon. Firstly, I'm working on a new Demo track which is currently in the mixing phase; this is taking a bit as I have no idea what I'm doing. I also have a Piano composition I've been picking at for a couple of weeks, and when it is done, I will upload it as a Midi file.

In other news, I have finally managed to write the plotline for my first book, though it likely will still be tinkered with here and there. I had actually had the plotlines for the first TWO books written, but I decided to axe a major character (the antagonist of the first two parts, nonetheless) and it really screwed me. I've had further issues starting this because I know everything that happens later, including having a detailed plan for the ending and epilogue.

Starting tomorrow, I'm back in school; most of what I'm taking are writing classes, as a matter of fact. That being said, I'm worried about not having enough time to write things for the site, but I think getting back to a more structured routine may actually help with that. All summer long (except for late June/July when I had classes) I've been just sitting around. I had no structure and little motivation to do anything, though the website was an exception. Now that school is back in session, I can better structure my day and allow for what needs to get done. Anywho, enough for now. Keep your eyes peeled for the new demo and my piano compisition.