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Welcome to Dean's World! This website is a forum for all of my various creative projects. As a writer, musician and artist, I come up with ideas that fall under many different categories of media. Some of them will hopefully make their way to publication, but others will make their way here. I am also always glad to receive feedback, so feel free to contact me through the address listed at the bottom of the page. Feel free to also visit any of my social media connections listed below and enjoy the site!


Gutless Romantic

		Verse 1:
		I see the girl I really like,
		I see her every day.
		I try to go and talk to her,
		But the words just fly away.

		Every day I sit and wonder,
		As I gaze at her
		Does she even know I exist?
		Or am I invisible to her?
		Trying to talk to the girl I like
		Has always gotten me frantic
		Some say I'm too shy, some say too guarded
		Hell, just call me a gutless romantic.
		Verse 2:
		Her beautiful eyes are intoxicating,
		Her hair flows like the sea
		Her velvety voice is music to my ears,
		And make me weak in the knees.

		I try to look into her eyes
		For a sign that maybe she likes me
		But every time she looks my way,
		I feel that it's to spite me.
		Verse 3:
		It drives me insane,
		being so shy.
		I look for the reason,
		but I just don't know why. 

		Not one time's been easy,
		I feel far from being bold.
		But I've just gotta remember
		that my confidence will hold.
		Verse 4:
		So I start walking over,
		Acting confident and bold.
		I want to ask her,
		Say that question of old.
		But I can't find the words,
		And I begin to feel cold.
		My knees feel weak,
		But my heart feels so bold.
		My heart says stay,
		While my brain says fold
		So what should I do?
		Do I stay or do I fold?
		Between these thoughts
		I've always felt pulled
		(Chorus x2)