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Welcome to Dean's World! This website is a forum for all of my various creative projects. As a writer, musician and artist, I come up with ideas that fall under many different categories of media. Some of them will hopefully make their way to publication, but others will make their way here. I am also always glad to receive feedback, so feel free to contact me through the address listed at the bottom of the page. Feel free to also visit any of my social media connections listed below and enjoy the site!


You're Never Alone

		Verse 1
		When trouble's got you down,
		And you don't know who to turn to,
		When hurt is all around,
		And you donít know what to do
		Just call out for me
		I'll be right there
		Whenever you need me
		I'll be right there

		I'll be on your side
		A shoulder to cry on.
		So donít you go hide,
		because I'll help you carry on
		Verse 2
		When you need a friend,
		Someone you can confide in,
		When it feels like your world's gonna end
		And not a soul will listen
		Verse 3
		When you're in desperation,
		And you feel there's no escape,
		Don't feel no desolation
		And don't you get bent out of shape
		I'll help you carry on
		I'll help you carry on